​​​John Armstrong  ( Co- Executive Director)

 (Resident Curator)

Danielle is also a Native of La Puente and is a Music Industries Studies student.  She is a product of Cal Poly Pomona.  Her studies have taken her into the Arts licensing field.  She has the privilege of working with artists to insure their Pop art falls within legal guidelines.  She has worked with Marvel, Disney and many other major pop art entities.  Her love for the arts has created a passion for the Star Theatre.  Which she feels is an Architectural work of Art within itself. In connection with that work of Art she has volunteered extensively in the past with her local Historical Society.   She has also volunteered on set for several production companies. Her "education, experience and love" for working in the arts field will be a strong addition to the the Board of Directors.  Her "passion" for the arts, history and her community will help unearth and bring attention to a local piece of art that has been covered with time.

'My current passion project as was my Thesis in college was the Star Theater.  So definitely saving the Star and unearthing that local work of Art is something I will closely be involved with as Secretary of Arteologists" 

John Armstrong has a long history within Sales/operations management and planning with close to 2 decades of experience in that area. As with most in his younger years had a passion for writing and drawing. But like with many was lost with daily life. One choice in career path took him into a Sales/Operations position within IKEA. The visual aspect and planning of IKEA interior design sparked that artistic side again which led to many successes in that adventure. Meeting his spouse who is an artist also fostered his love of the arts in a new found way. This led to one of his business investments which was a Coffee house. This coffee house housed art and was the launching place of the La Puente artwalk. Seeing and meeting many new artists and so many faces in the community who just wanted to show there art and have a place to be inspired prompted him to look for ways to help his community and local artists bring that to the forefront. His mind is naturally conditioned to be sales and operationally driven. He feels that sales & operations conditioning coupled with his love for the arts and community can be a huge positive to many and the Arteologists Non Profit Organization

"Growing up in the city of La Puente as a youth, I would have loved to see an organization like Arteologists focused on the arts and helping the community."


Danielle Gonzales (Secretary)

Robert Gil (Sargeant Of Arms)

​​​​​​Dr. Moisa is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the human health and social services field and holds a Ph.d. in clinical psychology with an emphasis in mental health and addiction disorders (co-occurring disorders). In 2002 he founded and operated as the executive director of Community Recovery Center in Covina Ca., for 8 years. This non-profit was a drug & alcohol outpatient treatment center specializing in children & adolescents. This operated for 10 yrs with approx. 4.5 million in annual funding, while holding the position of Executive Director of CRC I was nominated and appointed by L.A. County Supervisor Gloria Molina and was voted by the  L.A. county board of supervisors as the Los Angeles County Commissioner for the dept of mental health / drug and alcohol Departments for Los Angeles County. Since successfully filling this post for 6 years from 2006-2012 I've gone back to the private sector and have founded and hold the office as the executive director of EMCS Corp. A non profit consulting Firm. This corporation which operates nationally, was formed to help facilitate the need to offer consulting to faith & community based organizations looking to secure grants from foundations and other government entities.

" I love the purpose of arteologists because it fits perfectly with my passion in working with and serving our children and youth of today, I'm so very lucky to be associated with such an amazing organization! "


Visit this link for more info on me......

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  (Director of Marketing & Arts)


Dr. Edward Lucis Moisa (Co-Executive Director)


Robert has many years in Logistics Management.   But his real passion if for Literature and film.    This passion has led him to work with his wife in filming and editing her school plays. He trains and mentors the students to act, film, write and edit their podcast  He also coordinates the building of sets, the organizing of lighting and sound and all backstage functions of a school play.   Over the several years of doing this the students as well as the teachers have become a strong force for the Arts within their school.     

"Working with the students and seeing them accomplish such an elaborate play and podcast has really helped me enjoy this side of Stage direction and filming. I think taking another step with Arteologists will further that enjoyment and help me as well as students and new artists express themselves within the organization.  I look forward to contributing to an organization that pushes for the Arts."  

Jesse Ocampo  (Treasurer)

Board Of Directors

​Jesse Ocampo is a customer service and product specialist trainer who was always willing to teach others. With his life-long love for sports, he has also coached his 2 sons in baseball and basketball. In his professional life, Jesse works at McMaster-Carr Supply company where he teaches and trains employees on the products they sell and the customer experience they want to provide. In his spare time, when he is not coaching, Jesse owns and operates a fundraising company, Fanatics Fundraising, designed for youth athletic programs. He also goes out and sets up a mobile booth of his licensed sports products in special community events such as league opening days, farmers markets and any other type of community gatherings. Some of those profits also go to the those youth organizations.

"Growing up in a low income community and getting to benefit from local athletic programs, I understand the benefits from having a center for youth and artists of all ages. The Arteologists Non-Profit organization is definitely in line with my goals and values an I feel I can be a strong asset as treasurer"