Clinical Outpatient Treatment Services

Hello Everyone, 

This correspondence is meant for all of you who are searching for and trying to unearth your inner artist. Starting later this summer of 2018 Arteologists will pick up where we left off and start to help promote the arts again by providing a venue and offer workshops & courses to help unearth in all of you your inner artists thereby successfully tapping into the creative or right side of your brain. I know there is potential rock stars out there in all of us in whatever art form your passionate about expressing to others.   

So with that being said we don't want to neglect the left side of your brain, the analytical or logical side. I understand that sometimes until a person addresses the left side and begin the healing process from what ails them emotionally or cognitively they'll find it very difficult and challenging attempting to discover their inner artist. In other words its just sometimes really good to talk to someone specifically a qualified clinical psychologists or therapist when on your quest to discover your inner artist.     

I'm excited to announce that in the fall of this year apart from sponsoring events , offering courses and putting on workshops to promote the arts. Arteologists will start to offer clinical one on one & group counseling sessions in a therapeutic & safe environment addressing co-occurring disorders, mental health & addiction disorders specifically serving at risk youth and or young adults that are having to complete a drug & alcohol program because they are on probation. We here at Arteologists pride ourselves on being able to begin to provide state of the art socials services through a variety of delivery systems that are measurable so as to ensure that we are following best practices and traditional modalities that are proven to work. Our professional well qualified clinical psychologists and therapists are invested and committed to you the moment you walk in through the door by providing you  a personal & more importantly a CONFIDENTIAL clinical screening and assessment. Nothing else matters to me more and my entire staff then to ensure your complete confidentiality and safety is protected. Arteologists observes and complies with all hippa privacy laws and title 42 federal regulations.

So I want to encourage anyone who is contemplating, wants or needs to participate in any of our clinical outpatient treatment programs to please continue to look on social media and here on our website for updates on dates & times when we start to conduct clinical assessments.

Take care and I'll see you soon!         

‚ÄčEdward Lucis Moisa Ph.d

Co-Executive Director