Our second event themed around the release of a marvel movie gave the artists there time to express themselves with fan art.  The art incompassed not only traditional art but also took the form of Display art and photography. We even had a visitor from New Zealand.  And many of our younger audience enjoyed the toy photography and display art.  

my life in art

​LAtino Inspired art

During the months of July and August the La Puente Artwalk was cancelled.  Although Arteologists continued to support the Arts with a place for our youth to express themselves with music during those summer months

To Start off 2016 Arteologists hosted the "Photography As Therapy" event.  The artists all suffered from spinal cord injuries and used their art to express, inspire, heal and empower.  Arteologists partnered with The Ranch Research Institute in preparation for the event.


Just one example of the Artwork that has been shown and brought to the community during "arteologists" events

our AGe of Art Event

 Photography as therapy  

Ending the year with another tribute to Fan art themed around Star Wars.  Our artists ranged from 14 yrs old to 51.   While some suffered from Dyslexia they have found their outlet in the form of fine art and freely expressed that.  One of these being one of our resident curators Jarrett Camp.


Arteologists since its beginning has always supported the arts,youth and community.  One of our first events was helping to facilitate the La Puente Artwalk and giving the planning committee & local artists the location to meet,plan and host while being the center of the Renewed La Puente Artwalk.

Continuing with Art As Therapy Arteologists brought the Zentangled event.  The Certified Zentangle artist and teacher Annie Toliver used this art style to help some of her students during times of distress to help calm themselves and focus their attention on creating this form of art.

In September we launched the "Save the Star" event in which we offered a FREE BBQ and EVENT at our venue.  It was to raise awareness for our local Architectural art piece "The Star Theater"  Bring attention to the need for supporting our youth and community in the arts.


 Aretologists and the "renewed la puente artwalk"

  Another arteologists event  

No    A tribute to fan star wars art

s   "save the star bbq"  &   gallery

With May as a time when many think of Latino and Hispanic culture, Arteologists moved forward with the "My Life In Art" event showcasing many Hispanic and Latino inspired artworks.